Hi I’m Jaydan Urwin.


I’m a designer, developer, and content creator from Boise, Idaho (yes, Idaho the potato state 🥔). I was born and raised in Idaho so I guess you call me a true spud. I’ve been doing web design and dev for over 5 years now and started out just by hacking Squarespace templates. But I found pretty quickly that I am too particular and prefer to build it from scratch. I don’t just build websites and web apps though. I’ve really been putting my spare time into learning Flutter as well.

I enjoy sharing what I know on my new learning platform, Little Sticks and my 📝Blog.


Technically I live in Nampa, ID which is a surrounding town of Boise. It’s a little smaller and a little quieter but Idaho in general is a pretty quiet and peaceful place. My wife, Leana and I have two hyperactive cattle dogs (RJ and Cooper) and we like to get outdoors as much as we can. Whether it’s hiking, camping, jet skiing, or mountain biking we love it all.

Selfie of Jaydan and Leana Urwin

This Website

This website is built with Rocket. It’s always a work in progress so if you see something you don’t like maybe wait a second, refresh, and I might have fixed it already. 😉 No but really, I am quite OCD so expect it to change often. I have taken some inspiration here and there from some of my favorite developers such as Wes Bos, Sam Larsen-Disney, Max Böck and Andy Bell; however, the design and code is my own.

It’s not open source right now because I’ve sadly seen too many examples of people copying another developer’s website and selling it as their own work. I could change my mind on that in the future but for now I’m going to keep it closed source. Please feel free to contact me though if you notice something isn’t displaying correctly on your device, I’m all ears for that sort of thing!