• 14 Inch MacBook Pro M1 Pro

Desktop Apps

Native Apps

  • My primary browser of choice is Google Chrome but recently I've enjoyed playing around with Arc as a secondary browser.
  • I basically use Figma for all of my design work from UI and web design all the way to creating thumbnails for YouTube videos.
  • I use Screenflow for recording and editing most of my videos.
  • On my Macs I use Magnet for window management since Apple has still not managed to get around to fixing that in MacOS somehow.
  • I promise I won't start a rant but I also have to use a simple utility app called Copyclip for clipboard history on MacOS.
  • I recently started using the Discord desktop app but I'm still not completely sold on it since it's an Electron app that unnecessarily eats up available RAM. I'll likely be switching back to the web app tbh.
  • I recently discovered and awesome screenshot app called Xnapper and I've really enjoyed it for framing screenshots to be shared to Twitter.

Progressive Web Apps

  • I use the Twitter PWA for spending more time than I probably should on Twitter.
  • My music app is YouTube Music so I use their PWA.
  • I do simple screen recordings in my screen recording app, Snipclip.
  • Since I'm a Google Pixel user my texting app is the Google Messages PWA that lets me text from my computer(s).
  • For image compression and simple resizing I use Squoosh, if you haven't used it before you're missing out.

Video Creation

Recording Gear

  • I use a Sony a7c with kit lens as a webcam. It's definitely overkill but it's hard to argue with the picture quality.
  • My microphone is the Rode Podmic
  • My audio interface is a Scarlett 2i4 that I've had for years, I'd highly recommend them for an XLR audio interface with high quality preamps
  • Before the mic gets to the audio interface I run it through a Cloudlifter
  • My current light is the budget-friendly but high quality GVM lighting kit.

Desk Setup

  • My main monitor is a 27 inch 4k Monitor, just the 60hz model
  • My secondary monitor is a BenQ 24 inch 1080p in a portrait orientation
  • I use the Logitech MX Keys Mini for a keyboard and the Logitech ergonomic Lift mouse.
  • I also have a Nest Audio for music and Google Assistant on my desk.
  • Really the brain that keeps everything talking to each other is the CalDigit TS3 thunderbolt dock. These don't come cheap but I'd highly recommend it if you can manage the investment. It was a rare find on Facebook Marketplace for me.
  • My main headphones are the Audio Technica ATH-M50X. They are plugged into the audio interface most of the time for a little extra power oomph.